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Those who say no [Short Documentary]

Hadiza and Amina are two teenagers from the Maradi region (Niger). Their lives are turned upside down when they decide to rebel against their hostile family environment which wants to forcibly marry them. They manage to escape and find relatives who offer them a roof and shelter.

Their courageous testimonies are of vital importance in Niger, a country with high population growth and high maternal mortality rates. Where forced marriages of minors continues to be common practice, especially in rural areas.

12’ Documentary short film

Client:  United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA)

Country:  Niger

Languages:  Hausa, French (with English subtitles)


Direction and Edition:  Iban Colón


Interviews and Translations:  Zara Moussa

Direction Assistant:  Abdou Ousmane

Production:  Moussa Saley, Monique Clesca