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Offering the Choice [Short documentary]

The impact of a family planning campaign for nomadic women in the Nigerien Sahara. Maimouna and Zeinaba are two nomadic women who live in the Tanout area (Niger). Access to reproductive health services is very difficult for them, since they are usually many days away from the nearest health center.

Rahamatou, a UNFPA technical assistant, has had an idea: why not run a mobile family planning service so that women like Maimouna and Zeinaba can have the option of using long-term contraception?


12’ Documentary short film

Client:  United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA)

Country:  Niger

Languages:  Tamazight, French (with English subtitles)


Direction and Edition:  Iban Colón

Interviews and Translations:  Salamatou Ibrahim

Direction Assistant:  Abdou Ousmane

Production:  Moussa Saley, Monique Clesca