Our commitment to collective audiovisual creation, participatory processes and transformative media practice.

Our methodologies

Community Audiovisual.

Community Audiovisual workshops give members of a community the possibility to develop and communicate their own narratives and

imaginaries through cinema.

Through activities which are both theoretical and practical, participants gain and share knowledge in audiovisual language, as well as directing their own filmmaking.

Community Audiovisual also strengthens alternative and popular dissemination strategies of the end result generated by each workshop, thus heightening the level of impact on the communities involved as well as externally.

Participatory Video.

Participatory video is a tool that permits a group of people to think deeply and carefully about their wants and needs, in order to create patterns of behavioural and social change through the process of making a collective video.

The end result from an artistic viewpoint is not really important. Rather this tool creates the opportunity for discussion and debate within a community which can be truly enriching for all, both in the making of the video as well as its dissemination.

Participatory Video is the catalyst for a powerful and transformative process that can amplify underserved voices and help communities implement their own ways of development. It also serves as a qualitative method in monitoring and evaluation of social projects.

Ongoing projects.