Enhancing the quality of humanitarian response - Three corporate videos.

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ProCap (Protection Capacity Standby Project), GenCap (Gender Capacity Standby Project) and REGA (Regional Emergency GBV Advisors) are interagency resources to strengthen the capacity of the humanitarian system in terms of protection and gender equality. Senior advisers support humanitarian teams in different countries, including United Nations agencies, NGOs and other actors.

Through these three videos we are able to learn about the impact of these projects in three humanitarian contexts: armed conflicts (Syrian refugees in Jordan), natural disasters (hurricanes in the Philippines) and a health pandemic (Ebola in Guinea Conakry).

3 short videos (5’,7’,6’)

Client:  Norwegian Refugee Council

Countries:  Jordan, Philippines and Guinea Conakry

Languages:  English, Arab, French, Tagalo (with English subtitles)


Direction and Edition:  Iban Colón

Production: Inter-Agency Capacity Support Unit

Senior Advisors:  Merrin Waterhouse, Laurie Wiseberg and Catherine Andela