Compromised audiovisual services

Narrative design, filmmaking and sound.

Documentary photography.

Postproduction and comunication.

Participative audiovisuals.

Alex Puig


Alex Puig is a freelance journalist, photographer, illustrator and audiovisual producer. Alex demonstrates his visual style through portraying social movements and realities invisible to the general media spotlight. Specializing in documentary films, he has co-directed the award-winning documentary “In between tracks” and directed the short film “The Last Straw: Portrait of a Sentence” in addition to multiple photographic series.

Iban Colón


Director and editor. Since 2007, Iban Colon has produced documentaries and audiovisual content for NGOs and United Nations agencies in several countries both in Africa and in Asia. In 2018 he returned to Spain where he directed “In Our Home”, a short documentary about asylum seekers in Barcelona, which was screened at many film festivals around the world.

Jorge Pérez


Anthropologist, director, writer and producer, Jorge was born in Bucaramanga -Colombia- although he currently lives in Barcelona. He directed, wrote and produced the medium-length film “I Am A Sex Worker” (2020), the short films  “Llorar & Volar” (2020) and “Punto de Vista” (2019), and other commissioned documentaries for various organizations and institutions both in Spain and Colombia.

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