Agriculture et Réconciliation - Short documentary

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Agriculture and Reconciliation [Short documentary]

After the multiple conflicts that the Central African Republic has suffered in recent decades, the debate on agriculture and livestock is fundamental to the country’s reconciliation processes.

In recent years, its recurring crises have been explained away as being the product of the hatred between religions and the weaknesses of successive governments. The problem of agricultural development has been left largely on the sidelines.

However, the Central African Republic is essentially rural. The lack of technical progress, the insecurity of investments, the neglect of young people and conflicts between farmers and ranchers are all major causes of the chronic instability in the country.

24’ Documentary film

Client:  French Embassy in CAR / Bangui French Alliance

Country: Central African Republic

Languages:  French, Sangö

Direction and Edition:  Iban Colón

Images:  Gaston Kedi, Bruno Djoyo, Vivien Gbialine, Iban Colón

Production:  Eric Force, François Grosjean

In collaboration with ILLUSTRO Productions